Posted by: John | January 29, 2009

Should there be a basic standard of parenting?

Just listening to Martin Narey who is saying that `there is a point at which when adoption or care would be better for a child`; that sometimes working with families isn’t good enough.

I agree with that – parenting is a responsibility to be EARNT – and I think parents should prove it if their abilities are so poor that the child’s future is put at risk.

How is it possible to sack people who fail abysmally at their jobs when the bar is so low for the crucial job of being a parent.

No one’s saying it’s easy – and John Hemming MP raises some good points of injustice. My problem with him is that he never stands up for those children whose futures seem so uncertain through such a weak start in life.

Perhaps its time to go back to the drawing board and SORT OUT CARE HOMES! That way there is another option and an impetus for those that don’t want to take their parental responsibilities sufficiently seriously.



  1. One of the problems with taking children into care is that many get moved around from care home to care home. It is so easy to become a natural parent, yet so difficult to become a foster or adoptive parent.

    A friend of mine was fostered herself as a child and having brought up two lovely children (now aged 9 and 12) is applying to become a foster parent with her husband. The process is an absolute nightmare. I would love to foster, but the bureaucracy is just too awful.

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