Posted by: John | November 24, 2007

Nick speaks at Manchester of a Lib Dem academy

A fantastic idea but can i add to it?Let’s target the parties’ resources better at actually capacity building of skills.

My idea,that I’m putting to others who have some sort of sway on these matters,is to devise a kind of NVQ with credits for the following subjects:

PagePlus 11


Leaflet writing

Telephone Canvassing

There’d be beginners, intermediate and advanced levels – once these have been achieved you can do a trainers`credit to enable you to train others that go on to do the same thing.

What do others think?



  1. This is pretty much being done already, but for many, many more subjects than in your list, it just isn’t currently called an ‘academy’.

  2. But is it done intensively and strategically for individuals that are willing to learn?

    It’s no good just advertising it for a particular saturday but intensively support for say a weekend at their homes etc.

    The proviso would be that that person does the same.

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