Posted by: John | November 23, 2007

Nick was great on QT!

I thought Nick excelled himself on QT tonight. His answer to why the Lib Dems are needed drew a huge cheer in the hall.



  1. Not wishing to split hairs, but wasn’t it last night?

  2. Sorry – what programme do you mean? Question Time on BBC1? That was last week wasn’t it?

  3. Hi John

    I absolutely agree with you – his answer to why the Lib Dems are needed was brilliant and clearly very popular in the hall, and I wonder if anyone has made a transcript of it?

    To help people find it, however, I should point out that this was last night’s / this afternoon’s edition of Radio 4’s Any Questions, which has a very similar format but a different name to the TV equivalent…!

  4. yep, which QT i this?

  5. Ah, you mean “Any Questions” don’t you?

  6. Yes sorry AQ!

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