Posted by: John | October 10, 2007

The big divide in the Lib Dems

I actually don’t think there’s a huge divide when it comes to policy – only when it comes to the PSYCHOLOGICAL WILL TO WIN!

There are some I think in this party (even at the top) who would simply prefer to live in the cosy world of being in third place getting early 20% when it comes to the GE. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

 We are allowing the Tories to get away with cullings let alone murder. We seem to be in a state of paralysis. Where are the rebuff campaigns saying their policy on IHT is economically incoherent. What about the campaigns stating the TRUE state of the British economy. Where are the REALLY big ideas on democracy and devolution. I’m sure if really innovative advertising were done (I’m learning PagePlus properly on Friday with an idea on IHT) members and supporters would dip into their pockets for that particular advert.

Here’s some for a start off: Move the Parliament outside London; Cut the number of MPs with a corresponding drive to add to Council powers; new rules for airtime for all parties outside elections; bring  property conveyancing legislation in England & Wales into line with Scottish law; stop perpetual yearly rent charges in the North.

Or are we too obsessed with the other parties to do this?

Let’s campaign effectively – set up telephone trees to harangue the BBC etc, proper newspaper/internet posters as well as youtubes.



  1. I admire your enthusiasm and energy for new ideas.

  2. I do think there’s a number in the party who remember the days of near extinction who think ‘oh aren’t we doing well’ and get a bit complacent.

    I must admit I’m not particularly enthused with party politics at the moment. It seems so dreary and boring filled with the same bickering and bad arguments and attempts at grabbing power…

  3. Yah – Ming talks about breaking the “cosy consensus” but the polling figures say we’d be mad to go out on a limb. I’d like to suggest that, whether it make or break us, gong out oon a limb is going to be the only way to squeeze in much further between the two wings of the British Statist Party.

    At some point it’s about taking a risk. Stepping outside that cosy consensus where really all thaht matters is how well you play to the few tens of thousand swing voters in marginal constituencies.

    If we want a better, freer, more equitable Britain we have got to lead, boldly (some would say recklessly), with “Purple Party” type policy innovation.

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