Posted by: John | October 10, 2007

Glass half full

This is the image conjured up in my mind as i ponder the state of our narrative.

In the past 24 hours we have had direct theft of ideas – the point is do the public know that?

It’s no good us being all reasonable and sensible if no one’s listening.

It’s time the Federal Executive had an EGM to ponder where we are now and then plot a way forward for the future.

1. What issues will be coming on to the agenda? The IHT one should have hit us between the eyes with the relevant literature going out to voters.

2. How are we advertising our policies? Could we not ask for donations for a particular ad? I’m talking innovative newspaper splash advertising or special leaflets to target seats.

3.  What are we doing as regards talk time on the media? If the correct balance isn’t there it’s time we devised our own set of rules not just for us but for all parties. If they are not accepted let’s do something militant like marching on Parliament. I watched Vince Cable try to do a valiant job on Newsnight last night – it may as well have been a Hammond/Burnham show. It was amusing to hear Paxman say `Vince Cable you’re an economist what do you make of it all?`. Why aren’t our Parliamentarians more feisty and banging on the doors of the BBC etc demanding to be let on.

Finally to really shake things up we may have to go even further in our policies by:

Describing how we’ll devolve power – cutting number of MPs (a vote-winner!), beefing up Councils, really devolving power to the lowest level.



  1. Unless things have changed dramatically, last time I was on the FE, it wasn’t allowed to have such discussions, and when it did have them it was only on the understanding that the party’s Campaigns and Communications Committee would not be bound to go along with any of it. The CCC itself was in turn only allowed to discuss what the Campaigns Department let it.

    Some might say it is this shutting down of strategic debate which is now causing the party so much difficulty.

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