Posted by: John | February 3, 2008

It’s official: Liberals Democrats tough and effective on crime

I’m really pleased that my local Council, Stockport, is one of three Liberal Democrat authorities that have reached the top five list of the Home Office in cutting crime. (see earlier posting:

We’re not saying it’s nirvana – we are just using tough liberalism to make Stockport stronger.

So remember when Labour do their politics by numbers `they didn’t vote for ASB legislation` 60% of the the top local authorities to drop crime are Liberal Democrat.

In Stockport it has been done by proper strategy, effective council officers working with all partners (Police, Youth Offending Team, Drug Action Team, Youth Service) targetting repeat offenders and nipping bad behaviour in the bud before someone starts a criminal lifestyle. For us it’s a touchstone of what we’re about – by having a safer society creates opportunities for those whom are more deprived to fulfil their potential. It also protects not just those whom are well off but the more vulnerable members of our communities.

Just as importantly it benefits those who are more vulnerable to taking part in crime by giving them a way out so that renewal can be reached.

Congratulations to Liverpool and Hull for their efforts too.



  1. […] I love the fact….. 14 06 2009 …..that far right US swivelheads are attracted to this site by my posting `Liberal Democrats tough on crime`… […]

  2. Where are they ‘tough?’
    They SUCK.

  3. Again more US right-wing swivel-headed loons that just use dogma against practice. You just have to look at her/his site.

    Thank God I don’t live in the States (even with Obama) where this dogma rules and live in the UK.

    If you actually read the post I’m saying that a Liberal Democrat Council IS tough in the UK by being EFFECTIVE. Perhaps you can indicate where the tough penal policies in the States are effective both for the victim AND the perpetrator – or is it that in your `christian` country that espouses the improvement of human beings this doesn’t count?

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