Posted by: John | October 15, 2007

Glass half full part 2

So Ming’s gone. We have a lot to thank him for – someone who changed the internal party and progressed policy development. I guess people just thought `now we’ve got that sorted can we find someone to communicate it`. My view of the speech is that it was really good but only aficionados remembered it.

We need to do the following:

1. Progress policy further – take more risks and say the unsayable about the localistic devolution new dynamic backed up with a coherent message ie be ahead of the pack

2. Reform our communications – be much more innovative

3. Start rattling the cages of our broadcasting institutions – DEMAND fair coverage even if it means being militant


  1. “Progress policy further – take more risks and say the unsayable about the localistic devolution new dynamic backed up with a coherent message ie be ahead of the pack”

    Ooh devolution – how very exciting, not.

    I really don’t think our policy is sorted at all – the policies on major social issues like prostituion and drugs haven’t been looked at or even thought about for nearly half a decade

    This despite Ming himself saying the Royal Society report on drugs was a “wake up call”, back in march – how long does it take for the party to bloody wake up? Was march really too late to make it into the policies discussed in the conference this autumn.

    And then today, mid october, 7 months after the Royal Society report, 3 months after the Transform report, the Chief Constable of North Wales, has published a 30 page report, repeating what anybody with any knowledge of the subject already knew years ago – yet Nick Clegg manages to miss the goal yet again “ooh, it’s far too radical”.

    God forbid we should pick up the ball and run with it when we can sit on the fence harping about how none of our policies make the news, even as a paid up party member – most of the policies decided at the conference were either so watered down or so dull and uninspiring in the first place, even I find it hard to care – Trident ? Oh we’ll have to think about it… The Environment ? Oooh thinking is hard, let’s not bother getting taxation on aviation fuel europe wide, let’s just blanket tax or flyers regardless of how they pollute..


    2 leadership elections in a couple of years, polls dropping, I really really hope we have a leadership candidate with more spine than the current leaders seem to – standing up on Iraq was a good move, shame we haven’t had any backbone on anything else significant since.

  2. […] on the subject from: SusanGaszczak, Jeremy Hargreaves, Liberal Provocateur, Liberal Revolution and LibDem Voice has the resignation letter in full. Jeremy Hargreaves makes the point I made […]

  3. When i say devolution i don’t mean just regionalism but simply taking most of the power from Whitehall/Westminster so that it deals with issues like Defence etc while most of the money goes to regional assemblies, city regions and local councils – simply lock, stock and barrel. Regional/Local Government WOULD TELL CENTRAL GOVERNMENT WHAT TO DO.

    We would need a lot less MPs too.

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