Posted by: John | February 2, 2013

Song for Finland 2013

ImageThe final to choose the Finnish song is nearly upon us. Last year’s entry was charming yet inoffensive and from the start (despite what others thought) unwinnable – the delegation were flying home to Helsinki before the big night.

Yet how Finland has stirred they seem to be the hungriest and most deadly since 2006 – there’s some interesting and dangerous (for other countries) music here:

1. Diandra – `Colliding into you` – minor magic and a simple traditional ballad the song reminds me of Adele and she looks confident and an individual. The one draw back are the tuning problems every so often – the Finnish final this year is more competitive and when votes for the winner pivot on a few factors….. let’s hope she can sort them to show off the song to best effect

2. Mikael Saari – `We should be through` – a  grand classical ballad – shades of REM. Whether it would be too hard to grasp in one listen for Eurovision voters is a factor – as are the tuning issues in a song that HAS to be sung perfectly to gain the full effect of its well-constructed core.

3. Krista Siegfried – `Marry me` – from the sublime to the ridiculous. A competent bit of kiddy trash pop that is out of its league in this company. If Krista goes through then it’ll be a sign of Finland dropping the ball.

4. Arion – `Lost` – a bit of classic scandi violin rock. Would stand out more if it weren’t for the competition.

5. Flags – Great wide North – Mumford & Sons meets U2 set in current times – this would be a quality addition to a Eurovision final line-up. Respect.

6. Lucy was driving – `Dancing all across the Universe` – PURE GENIUS. It’s 70s style Mott the Hoople as if they were writing music today transmogrified into what could be a classic hit. If Finland choose this they would be showing that they have decided to really fight for the trophy for the first time since since Lordi.

7. Elina Orkonova – `He’s not my man` – Country/Rockabilly plodding pop that will get you tapping your feet. The real problem with the song is that its one idea overstays its welcome. Now if they could cut the time of the song…..

8. Last Panda – `Saturday night forever` – Fun, friendly and derivative of old-style indie rock . Although it would be great to have their infectious passion in the final we have been here before in 2006. Yes, Anonymous should have gone through to the final – yet they didn’t and it might not happen with `Last Panda`. If Finland opt for them they would have to believe that they’re more professional singing style will pull out extra votes for the final. As an aside the lead singer’s voice DOES sounds a bit like Feargal Sharkey!

So Finland do the right thing and steer `Lucy was Driving` to Malmo, if not that then it has to be Diandra followed closely by Mikaael Saari and Great Wide North


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