Posted by: John | January 24, 2013

Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2013: Going through the preview songs so you don’t have to!

ImageDenmark is becoming fashionable – Borgen, Noma, lego revivals, the Bridge. At the moment they can do no wrong. What of their Eurovision campaign?

They seem to have developed a niche for themselves a sub-genre of earnest MOR `sensible shoes` Pop that has a distinctly Danish sound. If they carry on down this route (see Soluna Somay) I’m yet to be convinced it’ll work for them and may do what the `Swedish formula pop` of the noughties (`Friends`, `Afro-dite` and `Fame` were sequential players) did for Sweden – allowed them to hover in the lower half of the left-hand side of the scoreboard.

It’s nothing to be sneezed at – I should know as a Brit. I hope that they don’t end up with a reputation of having songs of some sort of quality that manage to scrape you into the final then drop like a stone (see again Soluna Somay).

I sense that their final on Saturday 26th will be an indication of whether they can swerve that trap yet use the strong newly found Danish identity and sound for something that can win.

Let’s preview the songs (here’s the link):

I always knew it – Frederikke – starts off well and sort of becomes a serious kylie gone wrong song with an abrupt ending. Afterwards you can’t remember it.

Human – Brinck – Brinck had a very `Irish by numbers` ballad in the contest a few years back but this is much better. He has a great voice, a very accessible foot-tapping song and great instrumentation – they could do worse than have him as their representative.

I’m not alone – Kate Hall – I suppose this is the kind of restrained Danish dance pop that is expected in a kind of `poor man’s Katy Perry` sort of way – it’s fine yet you kind of think `i’ve heard it all before` but could be any forgettable danceable dance floor filler

Stand up – Louise Dubiel – if Kate Hall was at least danceable this is completely forgettable – it’s a hop-stomping bit of `Danish formula pop` that will be lost if it got into the final

We own the universe – Daze – Now we’re talking! Abba meets Swedish Schlager with a Danish twist. Simple and honest – this has fun and Nrg at its core. It could go all the way to the top 5 in the final let alone the semi-final.

Stay awake – Simone – another slice of Danish Schlager albeit slower and more plodding – another song that Denmark could  be proud of if sent to Malmo.

Invincible – Jack Rowan feat Sam Gray – If the song order is the same as on this posting then this will feel cliched and tired. It’s a sort of average anthemic dance number. You’ll be humming it the next day but won’t know why as you hadn’t voted for it.

Only Teardrops – Emmelie the Forest – think celtic think Marina and the Diamonds and you are someway towards the sheer originality and self-confidence of this piece of wonderment. Denmark should do the right thing and buy a plane ticket to Malmo for Emmelie.

Beautiful to me – Albin – After Emmelie this sounds quaintly dated. Like a Robbie Williams b-side he actually sounds like Rpbbie. I don’t think this stands out here. Perfectly pleasant.

Unbreakable – Mohamed Ali – a rich man’s Albin a bit like a male Rihanna a good effort and would not look out of place on a Malmo left-hand side of a scoreboard.

So for my money I’d give 12 points to Emmelie the Forest, 10 points Daze, 8 points Simone. 7 to Brinck and 6 points to Mohamed Ali. The rest is for the birds.


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