Posted by: John | December 15, 2012

Would UKIP relax gun laws?

After our own Dunblane and the horrors of Newtown, Connecticut it seems that Nigel Farage emailed to someone of the `Britain needs guns` campaign group in March last year the following We note also that the growing incidence of gun-crime is in direct proportion to the restrictions placed on the ownership, by respectable people, of firearms.`

I fully understand if they want to allow sport shooting practice in the UK (I don’t know what the sporting fraternity thinks of that- I’m just not with the the latter statement.

What does he mean by that?



  1. Britain’s gun control laws have been an utter disaster for ordinary men and women. We (some in UKIP and a few more from Arm Britain) propose that Britain’s gun control laws be rolled back to pre-1903 levels. Men have god given rights, which include the right to self-defence. As UKIP’s friend and ally, Alex Jones, rightly points out, the second amendment (derived, in part, from out English Bill of Rights) was desiged to allow citizens to protect themselves from corrupt and tyranncial government – not for duck hunting!

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