Posted by: John | September 23, 2012

My complaint about bias to Sky News

Sigh, it’s now time again to wield the might fingers and tap my keyboard against the horrendous bias we have in the broadcast media against the Liberal Democrats.

I’ve just sent an email thus:

I was interested to see that at about 18:15 today (Sunday 23rd September) you reported two polls for the Lib Dems one at 8% and one at 11% on your `ticker tape` facility at the bottom of the screen. They all had `narratives` to them about what it all meant for the Lib Dems.

However, there were one or two other polls published today including an ICM one that had the Lib Dems at 18%.

Can I ask why you reported on the ones that had lower figures and not the one that had the Lib Dems on 18%?

I await an answer with bated breath!



  1. I’m afraid you have that rather badly wrong.

    The ICM figure of 18 is not from a voting intention poll. It’s one of those funny ones where people are asked what they think the result of the next election will be, and then their estimates are averaged. For details see Anthony Wells’s blog.

    The four voting intention polls mentioned by Wells this weekend have the Lib Dems at 8, 8, 10 and 10. (I’m not sure where 11 came from. Maybe from one of the YouGov ones that asked what would happen if Nick Clegg was replaced by Vince Cable?)

    • I’m aware of the context – my guess is that if there was a poll which showed that 18% was for voting intentions they would say that it wasn’t good enough. As it stands the 18% is a potential vote right now. Of course, if everyone keeps saying the Lib Dems are shit then that’s what the casual observer will think. It’s about time the Lib Dems decided once and for all to take up the Germanic Social Market agenda and tear into both the `frightwinger` agenda of the Tories and also the self-satisfied hollow narrative of Labour.

  2. “my guess is that if there was a poll which showed that 18% was for voting intentions they would say that it wasn’t good enough.”

    The fact remains that there wasn’t such a poll, so you can’t really complaint that they didn’t report it.

    • I’m saying they should have been more even-handed and imaginative and added something to the report. Which party do you support?

  3. I’m not sure how it is relevant, but I don’t support any party now, I was previously an active member of the Lib Dems for 20 years (until 2008), and I voted Lib Dem in 2010. I doubt whether I shall vote at the next election.

    Frankly, what you describe of Sky’s coverage is more “even-handed” than what you’ve written in your blog about an ICM poll “that had the Lib Dems at 18%”. With respect, if you did understand what that figure represented, you should have described it in a less misleading way.

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