Posted by: John | March 16, 2011

Stockport’s Cllr Ann Smith reveals facts about Cllr David White

Cllr Ann Smith has revealed a lot of what went on regarding the background to the two defections in Stockport and it deserves a wider airing than just for the readers of the Stockport Express:

Notes: Cllr Roy Driver is the other defector to Labour. Cllr Ann Smith is a strong community activist LD Cllr.

Letter in Stockport Express (word for word) from Cllr Ann Smith:

“Since David White seems to want to broadcast his recent defection from the Lib Dems, I felt that the voters of Davenport and Cale Green should know a little more of the background to all this.

At the budget meeting, we witnessed David White and his fellow defectors voting with the Labour Party at every opportunity.

This, in spite of the fact that he has been at the heart of drawing-up the new council plan and setting the policies and budget for the next financial year.

Indeed, Roy Driver had just delivered a leaflet throughout the ward as a Lib Dem councillor, castigating “Labour bosses who turned down the chance to work with the Lib Dems. They preferred to go into opposition and leave it to the Conservatives and Lib Dems to sort out he financical mess Labour had left us”. Just as David White has chosen to do now.

At the end of the day, David White left the Liberal Democrats because he had been suspended.

He tries to make out that he jumped when the reality is that he was pushed. Having left Labour once before in a similarly dramatic fashion, he is currently in limbo.

The Labour Party, if they do accept David White, is welcome to him.

If David White really was disillusioned with the Coalition, why didn’t he just say so.”

Couldn’t put it better myself Ann.



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