Posted by: John | March 5, 2011

Eurovision 2011: have we found our winner part 2?

In an earlier post I spoke of the Estonian entry.

Well, Greece have now chosen and their entry is equally, if not more, potent.

It starts off with a qualitable rap by Stereo Mike with a bouzouki back track then the vocal gets simultaneously taken up by Loukas Giorkas with his powerful singing that nods subtly towards the Middle East. Stereo Mike reclaims the spotlight with a bit more rap with Loukas finishing it off with that same bouzouki backtrack while the whole time you feel like you’ve sat through an Indie anthem. Stunning!

It ticks nearly all the boxes of my Eurovision winner formula

1. Does it stretch the genre while not falling off a cliff? – tick

2. Would people listen to it on their ipods in the middle of Athens? – tick

3. Does its appeal travel? – tick

4. Does it have integrity? – tick

The only conundrum is that I wonder if many people outside Greece know of Loukas Giorkas or Stereo Mike? That’s the only downside.

If this doesn’t get through to the final something would have gone terribly wrong.


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