Posted by: John | February 26, 2011

Eurovision 2011 – have we found our winner?

There are a few tests apart from the fact I have a huge regard for a song that I feel it `in my bones` that I’m looking at an act that is the BUSINESS.

I felt it in ’07 as soon as I saw Marija in her M&S jumper, in ’08 with Dima as soon as I heard it on disc, in ’09 didn’t take a genius to work out that `Fairytale` would win. Last year we had the sublime Lena song `Satellite`.

This year I’m feeling it with the Estonian selection `Rockefeller Street` by Getter Jaani.

1. Does it stretch the genre without falling out the other end? Yes

2. Would it be on a young person’s ipod in mainstreet Tallin? Yes

3. Does it have mass appeal beyond it’s country? Yes

4. Is it catchy without compromising taste? Yes

Think Gaga, Think Perry, Think Cole – here’s Jaani



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