Posted by: John | January 20, 2011

Will Balls make a balls of it?

Seems that whatever the personal reason of Alan Johnson’s departure it’s all a bit of a tragedy for Alan. Listening to the Today prog this morning  it’ll be interesting how Labour tie up the loose ends of their economic policies or should that be as Harriet Harman said, a STANCE!

I wonder what those people who aren’t happy with the coalition yet can’t face voting Labour will think of voting for a `stance` that according to John Rentoul doesn’t add up? Surely, there needs to be something more than that?

Of course no one wants higher taxes, higher costs or losing their jobs. It’s whether there’s a competent solution that works for the long-term thats any better.

Labour have to understand a lesson the Lib Dems learnt over time that just SAYING things that don’t add up doesn’t mean that people believe them.

After all Bellardinelli, hmm Balls has got form.


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