Posted by: John | January 19, 2011

The BBC should have an economic debate

I think it’s an abject failure of the BBC not to have had a piercing debate on the Economy.

Political interviewing is still pretty mind-numbing. Take for example the Today prog this morning (19th Jan). Some Labour person in disguise saying the change in EMA would `kill off our kids futures` while on the opposite side a Tory MP saying `what would you cut instead?`

Of course when you’re pretending not to be Labour and don’t have any policies you can say `that’s a false choice` as your default position is that you wouldn’t cut anything anyway – Government always on to a loser.

No, I’m interested in how we have a grown up debate on the Economy – that has to start with a proper debate between the Government and opposition using easy to grasp facts.

The point is how do we apply the pressure?


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