Posted by: John | January 11, 2011

Sunder Katwala: `NI rates are specialist knowledge`

I was amazed by the spinning defence of Sunder Katwala to Alan Johnson’s gaffe about NI.

His main argument is that there isn’t a correlation between the success of Chancellors and Shadow Chancellors and their specialist or economic knowledge.

In his response to Mark Thompson’s blog he states:

`As that list catches, I think there have been many fewer specialist economist Chancellors than your post implies. Both types have been successes and failures.`

Since when has knowing the rates of NI (that all companies pay) has NOT been BASIC knowledge for Chancellors, Shadow Chancellors or even economic spokespeople for the Greens?

Perhaps blogger Dizz is right. Perhaps Labour are going for the George Bush strategy. Don’t worry it’s all `we’ll cut slower and less deeply` and hide the borrowing on-costs until 2015.


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