Posted by: John | January 7, 2011

Message to Ed Miliband: Governing’s TOUGH!

Just had a chance to listen to Ed Miliband on Jeremy Vine yesterday.

What comes across again and again is that Ed is taking the old `third party` route to power. Saying nothing controversial, opposing anything that he guesses the majority of people don’t like and not detailing the 44bn of cuts he would have introduced.

It came across as a kind of `fairyland world`. One person castigated Vine for daring to ask him tough questions! Err, he is the leader of the opposition in one of the top ten economies in the world. My god, if I’d have been Vine I would have asked even tougher questions than that:

If you’re so into transparency can you provide me with the website that details the 44bn of cuts, 20% reductions in the state you would have introduced. If not, why not?

You say you want to cut the deficit by half in four years – there is a debt payment on-cost to that. Can you tell us what that is and how NOT cutting back would be made up with the difference in investment?

What does `helping kids get on the housing ladder mean?` – why haven’t you apologised for the house price boom that held them back and what would you do about it over and above the coalition government. Do you, like Grant Shapps, think that house prices are too high?

If under a Labour Government in 2011 we HAD been in the danger zone – what would you have done about it?

Should we have a global boom again with very high tax receipts would you still use all of those receipts +3% as a deficit or squirrel some away for rainy days?

At the election many turned against Labour who were on low or middle incomes due to the iniquities of the benefits system that doesn’t make work pay ie they were working hard but others who play the system weren’t. In other words these people think that there is such a thing as the `undeserving poor`? What do you think?

Are you a Social Democrat? If so, what are the `downsides` to that system as well as the upsides – how would you calibrate them?

You mention `how we build a strong economy?` – please define this and the role of the individual in that economy. Who would be the winners and who the losers?

The problem is that I don’t think Ed Miliband can answer these questions. I don’t know whether he’s thick, lazy or simply a coward. My guess is it’s the last one – he’d rather be an observer of the storm than helping out with the lifeboats. He’s nothing but a slick salesman – all things to all people – and bland pieties to the supplicants.



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