Posted by: John | December 31, 2010

The year of revolution

to all readers of this site.

In what has been the most tumultuous (and politically draining) year for a generation this site is still carving out its niche that seems to be strengthened by the way I’ve changed in 2010.

It believes that there are only two real democratic workable political economic models –  Scandinavian social democracy (Labour tried to do it on the cheap) and Germanic `Christian Democracy`.

In this regard the latter seems to be `the only show in town` – it’s just how to get there. Part of that journey is to embrace political devolution not as something desirable but NECESSARY for economic recovery.

Perhaps we need reform of our whole industrial democracy so that unions, workers and management sit round the same board table. At the moment we have the infantile adversarial model of two power superstructures (big money and union/labour money) squeezing out the big picture of productivity and export-led gains.

It’s the adversarialism of our political structure that is so depressing. Adversarialism around IDEAS and PHILOSOPHIES is good yet we don’t seem to have left the starting blocks in terms of democratic structures so that all voices take part in the discussion to  repair our ailing economy and democracy.

Whatever the political journey i’ve made internally has been profound. My view of Labour’s raison d’etre was never good yet I did think that there would at least be some acknowledgement of mistakes on a human level. But no. They have shown themselves to be nerely a spineless, intellectually lazy and very conservative tribe.

The Conservatives arent’ the evil personas as propogated by Labour. Ask Labour a question and you get an arrogant defensive answer. A Conservative seems to be more flexible and willing to change. It’s a dichotomy.

I now think that the war on inequality for those that DO or CAN’T can be more effectively waged by using liberal ideals rather than social democrat ones.

In the past year the labels of left and right have been shaken up for good. Is raising tax thresholds a right or left idea? Effective rehabilitation of prisoners – left or right idea? Devolution of power – right or left?

If I have to genuflect to pedestrian terms of left and right I’m still of the left in that I do want to see the reduction in inequality – I just think that these things can be done more effectively and fairly from the Hard Centre.


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