Posted by: John | December 20, 2010

Who gives a fig about Firth?

Yes, it’s nice to have celebrity endorsements – though too often they live rarified lives away from the gaze of budgeting to pay bills and trying to find the best comprehensive for their own kids.

This is yet another indication of what I was talking about in another post.

So, farewell, fair weathered friend – I don’t know who’ll you turn to as ANY party in Government would have had to make similar choices if they didn’t want Britain to go to the wall. I doubt it would have hurt Colin Firth who could have flown off at any given moment.

To paraphrase Simon Cowell – `loved you in `A Single Man`, liked you in `Mamma Mia!` don’t like you this week.

Time to go after the votes of Frank the forklift truck driver and Susan the Secretary – Colin the megabucks actor can look after himself.



  1. I care about Colin Firth…way more than I care about Simon Cowell. I think Simon Cowell is more of a megabucks than Colin Firth. Colin has every right to his opinion, just as the rest of us. Leave him alone. You’re just jealous because he’s gorgeous!

  2. Actually you’re being a bit rubbish there. I’m a Gay man – I’m attracted, fancy and respond to other men who are like me – ie emotionally responsive and engaging. That’s something I wouldn’t say of Colin Firth. He comes across as very boring and unengaging to me.

    Oh, and I don’t fancy him.

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