Posted by: John | December 20, 2010

Cowell 1 Revolutionaries 1

So, the potential upset at the top of the christmas charts didn’t materialise. Matt Cardle was the Christmas no 1.

Did anyone truly believe it would have been any different?

Last  year when the insipid Joe McElderry and his tedious cover version of `the climb` Cowell got everything he deserved. That song was criminally lazy music making in its original version – let alone when it got dumbed down into a sodden pap. I was so angry about that I bought Rage against the machine’s song.

This time Cowell upped his game and with his new winner did a cover of a little-known indie song that suited Matt Cardle perfectly.

Cowell went ahead of the game for once by producing a record people wanted to buy realising the most important thing was the MUSIC.

What the x-factor detractors forgot was that they too had to stay ahead of the game. They played by Cowell’s old rules of manipulation and gimmicks. Instead of putting forward a cleverly chosen song they chose 4’33 of silence. You would need to be a pretty dedicated anti-Cowellite to choose that. If Cowell’s song had been another dirge like `the climb` it could have worked. Instead there was a very good indie pop record competing against, well, nothing.

To paraphrase Simon Cowell `what I like about you is that you came back this year, didn’t complain, worked hard and just got on with it`.

Time for the revolutionaries themselves to get back to the drawing board.

How do I know? Last year I bought RATM – this year I went into a record shop and bought Matt Cardle!




  1. I couldn’t agree less! 4’33” was an utterly inspired response to the way that Cowell has cornered the market in gutless music. Unfortunately it was too dadaist a response for most people to understand, but that does not detract from its brilliance.

  2. Really? I guess that’s why it achieved no 21 position. Sorry, on this occasion, money spoke and people were happy with the `x-factor` offer rather than a `dadaist response`.

    I think the detractors next time need to find a proper song and not think of people as dadaists. That’s if they’re serious.

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