Posted by: John | December 9, 2010

I’m standing by Nick

There I’ve said it – goaded by the nutty left brigade both on the far left and within the party plus the cynical positioning of Labour.

It’s time to choose. Governing is about choosing – not prevaricating. I think i’ve heard enough about students and tuition fees to last a life time. I’ve read so many blogs, a lot of cant from Aaron Porter MP and articles from `pretty polly`, uncle tom cobbley and all.


Let’s be fair – there’s not a magic tree to shake, a magic oil well. Even `pretty polly` has an employer who doesn’t meet her own exacting tax standards she demands of other people. We’ve got many concessions over this issue that need to be monitored and the money spent on things which help ordinary people not special interest groups.

Nick has been vilified, abused and made into a hate figure.


It’s time to stand by Nick.




  1. Having been with him most of the way on this I think the savvies move would actually be to make a big song and dance about voting ‘no’. You coordinate with the LibDem ministers beforehand, vote no and then immediately thereafter have a press conference where you say ‘look, we’re going to be punished for this. They’re not going to give us the referendum on electoral reform because they don’t want to change the way politics works in this country. We’ll need your support to make it happen.”

    Won’t actually happen in reality, of course, but wouldn’t it be really interesting if it did?

  2. Yawn, why don’t you & Nick just go and join the tories? Your’ll be far happier with the hard right racist, homophobic backwoodsman than the soft left social liberals.

  3. What incredibly poor logic – following your reasoning, it’s Nick Griffin you should be supporting; a genuinely vilified underdog hate figure.

    Possibly the most mindless synopsis on the issue I’ve read to date. No wonder you’ve chosen Cameron’s side, I think you’re well suited to it.

    Good luck.

    • I take it Nick Griffin is going to sweep all before him by the unforthcoming people in Oldham next year?

  4. Eh? Are these sentences randomly generated? Is this some sort of Turing Test? Sweep all what where?!

    If I were you John, I’d start writing this stuff down before posting. Read it back, make sure there’s some coherency to the words before posting them where people can read them. For example, your “piece” on Ben Ramm – what are you angry with him about, specifically? Maybe a link would help, that sort of thing – people aren’t psychic.

  5. You’re right John. I don’t think it will be at all wise to lose Nick, especially right now. I think Nick is, like the rest of us, flawed – but his positives massively outweigh his negatives and we should be grateful we have him.

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