Posted by: John | December 1, 2010

Has Labour committed the most stupid strategic mistake for a generation?

Watching PMQs it’s pretty obvious David Cameron is wiping the floor with Ed Miliband. It’s down to the fact that Labour took the easy way out on the CSR. They had a choice – either put forward a detailed response to it or sit it out and be two-faced about it ie saying they would have done xxx differently while simultaneously holding schtum on the details and hoping people won’t notice if the economy falters.

Meanwhile the Coalition, narratively speaking, has its ducks in a row. Only time will tell if Labour have made such a strategic error.



  1. It depends entirely on the economy, if it booms the tories are made, if it all goes tits up Labour is made and if it goes somewhere in between then it is all to play for. But any which way it goes, you libdems are up a creek without a paddle.

  2. In some ways `who cares?` – if the right thing is done for the country and it prospers there are various scenarios including the centre-right and centrists to liberal soft left coming together in one new party. The macho historical willy-waving (my party’s been around longer than yours) may be over. Don’t forget that 30% of voters are `orange bookers` and don’t care who their MP is – as long as it’s not Labour.

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