Posted by: John | November 28, 2010

Housing benefit cap: I’m fuming!

I’ll make it clear – the HB problems mainly reside in London and the South East. It’s part of the nexus that demotivates whole populations outside of these areas and encourages votes for both Labour and the BNP.

I’m not happy about some of the welfare reforms but I was delighted about the benefit cap. I was also appalled that people outside London/SE were subsidising INTERNATIONAL rents for a prestigious city when the extra money paid individually above the cap, or even above the average, should be funded by the businesses, taxpayers and tourists within the Greater London borders.

So, people now have an extra six months to find suitable accommodation that falls within the rules. What’s happening to the difference in Government income in that period? What’s the quid pro quo for those outside London and the SE.

Simon, stop stitching up the regions outside London and the SE. Where’s our extra money?



  1. I agree with you about the policy itself, but think this, if true, is a pragmatic response by the Government and one which will make the policy much easier to implement.

    I am therefore happy with it.

    • Yes I know – yet if this was say Manchester – do you think the government would give two hoots?

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