Posted by: John | November 11, 2010

Happy days are here again




  1. Finally a LibDem who sees what Cameron REALLY is and why Clegg is supporting him.
    I hope that the LibDems ‘get a grip’ and start looking at the BIG Picture before 2015. The Party has a real chance of being a viable centre-left alternative but it has to start weeing that Labour is not a friend but an enemy.
    The best thing for the UK is if a NEW Centrist Party was formed. A Coalition Party but the dynamics of that happening are still a bit hazy. I’m pretty sure somebody is considering it however. At this point they would have to be.

  2. “The centre wing” that’s a first, surely you mean sitting on the fence. People like you are just pusilanamous Tories and haven’t got the backbone to say so. At least you’re in bed with the right people unlike some of the front bench Libs like simon hughes who must be getting tired by now of speaking through clenched teeth. Remember your German work ethos which served so well “Arbeit Macht Frei!!”

  3. What did I tell you – no real arguments just `people like you are pusilanamous Tories` -err, the actual word is pusillanimous.

    Even comes up with nazi references – obviously hasn’t done a stroke of work in his life.

  4. “Even comes up with nazi references..:

    You know what is so annoying and really offensive about the Nazi thingy ? That the cretinous brigade have so diminished the pejorative that it has lost all meaning.
    He thinks you might be a Nazi and I’m pretty sue would be absolutely confident that I am, but he has no idea what that really means. If the Government were Nazis and fascists as they have been portrayed, I wonder what he thinks they would have done about that little upset yesterday.

    I don’t know exactly but I have a feeling that there would be precious few complaints about how the security response was too ‘restrained’.

    The point is I guess is that they seem to be permanently detached from any connection with reality. That can’t be good.

  5. If you want to gauge just how insane the tribal Labour trolls have become, have a read of CIF on the Guardian. It’s as depressing as it was predictable, I guess.

    Mandy and Campbell’s last gift to Labour was to set a media narrative of Lib-Dem betrayal, which we have neither the personnel or finance to counter. It was fine for the Lib-Dems to enter into a coalition – but only so long as it was with Labour.

    In the medium to long term, forget Labour. They abandoned their core vote and pretended to be Tories for thirteen years, and 30 seconds after being kicked out of office – suddenly remembered the working class. They may treat the public with contempt, but the voters aren’t stupid.

    We just need to improve our media skills – a lot!

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