Posted by: John | November 9, 2010

Woolas saga: Labour dinosaur no.2

Just saw Graham Stringer, another apologist for the `wham bam thank you m’aam` style of brutalist northern Labour politics on the BBC.

Apparently Elwyn Watkins should have sued for defamation (probably takes years) not gone to an election court. According to him `marginal seats are not like `sunday school picnics` and you have to take the rough and tumble of politics`.

I take it he’d be happy for an opponent to smear him saying that he’s wooing extremists `to stir up the angry white vote` and then he’d have to sue for defamation.

Let’s be clear that’s not the way Labour operate in some of the Northern parts of our country. The techniques are usually more subtle but equally as nasty and bullying.

If nothing else Elwyn Watkins has struck a blow against this Labour arrogance.

I wonder what’s worrying Winnick and Stringer on behalf of their Midlands/Northern Labour colleagues? We’re coming up to Christmas, `it’s behind you`!



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