Posted by: John | November 8, 2010

What planet do these MPs inhabit?

Talking today MPs Edward Leigh and David Winnick are worried about the fact that an electoral court has dealt with Phil Woolas as it saw fit. They seem to want Woolas’s peers to lie in judgement.

Do they honestly think that after the past few years the public wants our MPs to sit in judgement about the veracity of leaflets rather than two high court judges?

I wonder what Mr Winnick MP has to hide? Has he not seen the leaflets? Did he not read the judgement? Or is he yet another Labourite that wants to protect the brutally arrogant new Labour dinosaurs and their hideously bullying `wham-bam thank you m’aam` methods of campaigning.

Yeh, sure any defeated candidate can raise a challenge. Thing is they always could! It’s just that one brave person had the audacity to raise his head above the parapet and take on the vested interests of his party and the way it campaigns in the North.

It’s clear that the judgement allows the reasonable rough and tumble that we have come to expect of politics. What it DOES do is punish those that cross the line.

Instead of whinging Mr Winnick should be saying what he thought about the leaflets and whether he condemns them. A question to him: how would a committee of MPs deal with the legalities of the 1983 RoPA (as well as all the other acts) either competently or impartially?



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