Posted by: John | November 5, 2010

Not a good week for Phil Woolas

This week has had so many omens about it regarding Mr Woolas. He has written his own fate.

First, there’s the fact that today of all days he has been found guilty of flouting election law. I wonder when the two judges knew what they wanted to write in that judgement!

Second, I note  that one of the appendices on the end of the judgement contains a leaflet that has another story unrelated to the case on which he has also been admonished.

Look down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see an article entitled `Deal or no deal – Lib Dems in mosque planning stitch-up`. He essentially accused Lib Dem cllrs of fast-forwarding a planning application for electoral advantage. The Cllrs were taken to the Standards Board.

Here’s what the Standards Board said

What’s really going on here? Well, the old Labour party election trickery has been revealed in all its toxic glory due to the bravery of Elwyn Watkins to say `enough is enough`.  Many Liberal Democrats live in places that have rather ineffectual or nice Labour people and think they’re all like that. My advice is – if you want an education come to the North!

Both complaints reveal the hidden underbelly of some Northern Labour politicians:

a) Creation of facts to fit a narrative (as in the `muslim extremist` leaflets) – in this case to depress the Tory and LD votes.

b) Create a complaint where there’s a perfectly innocent explanation

In both cases the presumption is that after the election the Lib Dems or any other party will go away and lick their wounds so that the same methods can be employed another time. Perhaps they might even be cowed by the bullying sociopathy of it all or even give up campaigning altogether.

It’s about bullying, arrogance and `the masses` knowing their place and a reflection of the way Labour sometimes think about politics in general.

It’s cancerous. It’s toxic. It’s corrupt. AND IT’S GOT TO STOP





  1. I used to be sympathetic to Labour until I moved to Manchester.

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