Posted by: John | October 30, 2010

Lib Dems must keep the cap!

Whatever one thinks of the other HB proposals the CAP MUST STAY!

It’s clear that it is basically a London problem. It crystallises the dilemma and challenge London faces – and the dysfunctional relationship it has with the rest of the Country.

Middle class lefties and rich landlords are squealing because they know full well that London rents and house prices are unsustainably high.

How are there so many properties with rentals of 1k a week? You’d need an income of at least 50k to meet such a cost. Are there really THAT MANY people there with that sort of money. If so it means that London has raced ahead of the rest of the country in its prestige and wealth – hoovering up talent and is now a truly International city. Thus, it now has a fundamentally stark choice:

Either meet the difference between the price of ordinary rentals that are paid for from an agreed sum to the cap via taxation and tap the super-rich within its boundaries OR share that political, cultural and economic wealth with the rest of us. One thing’s for sure – the rest of the country doesn’t want to pay.

The Coalition Government have already started with their emphasis on science, Green jobs in the NE and the HB Cap. If there’s any justice this will just be the start to try to transfer wealth from London to elsewhere.

For too long London has stalled the advancement of other regions due to the very system that Ed Miliband is complaining about. Now it’s time for the `lumbering giants` elsewhere to take advantage of a Government with a more localist agenda – a long-term vision that  instead of forcing them to go cap in hand to the paymasters they can grow their own private sectors to support themselves. The regions need companies not just to have subsidiary offices in their cities – but to be HEADQUARTERED there too.

No wonder Boris is squealing.



  1. You just don’t get it. “How are there so many properties with rentals of 1k a week? Are there really THAT MANY people there with that sort of money.” Did you get this from, the Mail? Why don’t you answer your question and find out just how many of London’s claimants pay that sort of rent, rather than implying it’s normal when it’s nothing of the sort? This doesn’t just target a few hundred large families claiming £500 and more in central London, it’ll hit someone claiming £90 for a cheap room in Tottenham or £45 in Peterlee. You imply that it’s about a few extravagant claims in Kensington, when its claimants EVERYWHERE who’ll be hit, including those in the provinces where LHA already routinely falls short of real rent costs. If you must comment, at least find out what’s proposed, who’s paying what and how many will be adversely affected rather than misrepresenting an assault on the very subsistence of low-income private tenants across the country as some heroic defence of the regions against “middle-class lefties and rich landlords”. This isn’t about correcting some nonsensical rates in Westminster, it’ll impoverish hundreds of thousands of the already worst-off in the regions too, and that’s not good for the local economy. Many will at best be dumped in areas far from any job opportunities even with the decentralisation you urge: others will end up falling through the holes entirely with nothing left to support them as landlords stop letting to claimants entirely. This measure isn’t humane and it isn’t even intelligent policy: no wonder it has to be sustained by a barrage of hatemongering, lies and distortion which your piece sadly does nothing to correct.

    • I was talking about the CAP or rather caps for rental property everywhere – you just don’t get it do you live in London? In Stockport we have a cap RIGHT NOW. Why then is it that in Manchester the Council there (Labour I believe) has said no one will be affected by the cap? It couldn’t be, could it, that they realised that rents were being exacerbated if they didn’t have a cap? What will happen is that there’ll come a time when some people who simply can’t will probably have the cap lifted (the genuinely disabled and those that have problems finding ft work anyway perhaps due to mental health or the simply mentally dispossessed) and the rest will have a cap unless they find work.

      Until that time comes there’s going to be a painful transition.

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