Posted by: John | June 22, 2010

Labour dictionary

While scooting round the comments sections of the broadsheet intenet sites it’s come to my attention that there’s a fair amount of doublespeak going on regarding the current economic situation.

So here is my Labour dictionary:

1. Progressive a) `not condems` b) forget about us not apologising for it all and look that way! c)  whatever Labour wants you to think

2. `It’s all done for ideological reasons` a) `overspending is just normal, cutting back is ideological` b) Labour are caring the coalition is not c) forget about us not detailing the 44bn cuts we would have made and look that way!



  1. […] Original Article: […]

  2. Hmmm, it always makes me smile wrily when I come across the loaded, “government investment,” rather than, “government spending”. All government spending should be seen as positive and should not be questioned EVER.

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