Posted by: John | May 18, 2010

Is there anything more depressing than Rachel Reeves MP?

Christ, just heard that awful faux cockney voice of Rachel Reeves MP, representing Leeds West, on the BBC PM Programme. This tied to the dreary vapid Keynesian claptrap about billions of cuts just makes me want to hold my head in my hands as in that Munch painting. It was like hearing the scream on a cracked record.

It’s as if not cutting would guarantee the recovery. No Rachel we need more private sector jobs not less.

BIG PROBLEM RACHEL – `Dear Chief Secretary, I’m sorry but there isn’t any money left`.

In what mindless irresponsible world do these low-intelligence people live? You’re the problem Rachel – your thinking is the past. I feel like that Helen from Big Brother from a few years back `Big Brother, where did  you find her?`



  1. i totally agree with your comments about rachel reeves,she will be just like the labour intake of 97 the so called blair babes,i would love to know what she did for hbos in that period between 2006 and 2009.if labour are ever elected again she would be a shoe in for economic sec at the treasury,she has all the right new labour credentials,ambitious media savvy ruthless ,dosnt mean shes any good though,look out also for the nauseating luciano berger “i m emmanuel shinwells grandaughter dont you know”when you see these characters you gain new impetus to leaflet and canvas to make sure labour never get elected again

  2. i think ive erred about berger beung shinwells granddauhter but im sure the are related

  3. Try using the shift key at some stage. Idiot.

  4. Try lying down in a dark room. Idiot.

  5. And what have you ever done to improve the world? Rachel is a hardworking MP and an exceptional intellect. Simple insults are about your limit. A year and a half later have the Tories fixed anything? No, all talk. Talk is easy. Where is the beef? A minimum wage, smoking ban sort of thing that makes life better for ordinary people.

    • Helped re-elect two LD cllrs and gained one from the tories – enabling the continuation of an excellent LD led council

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