Posted by: John | May 12, 2010

The petty isolationism of the `Liberal party`

John Hein, an Executive member of the Liberal Party and member of OUTeverywhere has submitted a thread entitled `An Open Bold and Serious Invite to Liberals..`

Liberals and Liberal and Radical Associations have always been locked in battle with a Tory Party representing privilege, wealth and elitist authority – since before 1857 and the formation of The National Liberal Federation.

For Clegg to turn his back on a progressive coalition to join a Tory Coalition is an unprincipled betrayal of everything for which Liberals have ever stood in favour of naked political opportunism.

I urge every Liberal and radical still left in the Liberal Democrats to resign to rejoin the Liberal Party.

It is the right and duty of every Liberal to campaign with us for a more equal and democratic society which is against everything for which the Tory Party stands.

John Hein
Liberal Party National Executive

Stunning isolationists are exactly what the Liberal Democrats are NOT. So many things are now making me want to get behind this new Government EVEN MORE.

The idea that you should sit in glorious isolation beggars belief – it’s as if that makes these people feel better – `oh, look at me, I’m so superior with my ultra-pure beliefs untainted by others. Isn’t it a shame that I might have to wait another 100 years for changes to take place`.

Utterly ridiculous.



  1. Good, enjoy you ride to oblivion.My bet is on Cable being the first to resign from the coalition.

  2. I naively assumed that all that campaigning I did was about trying to get our policy passed. Now I find out from people such as your commentator above that it wasn’t about that at all; it was about putting some nice chaps and chapesses on the opposition benches where they could say ‘now that’s not on’ and do nothing to stop things being done.

    How bizarre.

    Well nuts to it, if the Lib Dems do break up I’m just going to bugger off to Shetland and restart it. Jo Grimond II.

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