Posted by: John | May 12, 2010

That’s it: I’m going for the Coalition

Having seen the vile naive childish comments from Labour bloggers whether they’re comparing the UK to Chile (!) or on OUTeverywhere when they are disparaging it wishing it harm before it’s even begun I’m just getting more and more behind what’s been going on.

They never apologise for their mistakes they will just claim it’s `Lib Dem cuts` – to do with a problem they created.

Do I like it all? Nah, no way. Was there an alternative? Nah, no way. Is there an alternative that I can join? Nah, no way.

Five days ago I woke up in a Party that had 57 seats and NO POWER. Now we have 57 seats and about 50% of power. `nuff said.

Roll on the future.


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