Posted by: John | May 12, 2010

Is Britain more `Berlin` than `Stockholm`?

There are reasons why Labour lost.

First, their latter narrative was really one of Social Democracy. The problem was that Labour never spelled out the downsides to that project. They tried to do Social Democracy by stealth without the tax increases or the constraining of debt and behaviour. Swedish society is more restrictive and has higher taxes.

Second, they lived in their own `political/punditocratic bubble` – they thought that the word `progressive` meant whatever Labour thought. They thought `progressive` meant sucking people in to the Social Democratic system. Of course they’d never have to use it themselves or even meet those that do. And that was a big problem for them. Even when they met ordinary people they didn’t listen just heard what they thought they should have heard.

So Stockholm we are not.

However, this does feel a lot more like Berlin or Bonn. More sober and policy-driven with a staunch Liberal element and hopefully a growing federalisation of the political and economic structure

There are those like myself that think that you can’t have growing prosperity without these things. One can only hope that this Germanification of British politics is realised to its natural conclusion.


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