Posted by: John | May 11, 2010

You gotta love these tories

You have people in the West Country saying `the Tories got the votes and should go it alone` and a Tory Council leader said `the Lib Dems are trying to face both ways and they’re duplicitous`.

One has to laugh – it shouldn’t have ended like this.

FACT: The Tories only got 36%

I guess if some of these Tories had 36% shares in a company with two other shareholders (one having 23% and one having 29% whom they didn’t share any interests) are they saying they wouldn’t be talking to the party with 23%?

Another example is that if they were being headhunted by two companies are they saying they wouldn’t be trying to up the stakes to get the best deal? Of course they would.

So I don’t want to hear any of this moaning and groaning from toffee-nosed Tories – if they wouldn’t act like this in real life why would they not do so if the Tories were on 23%.

I have to say my estimation of Micheal Gove has gone up. We are an autonomous party and we’ll go for the best thing for our party’s ideas.



  1. Not to sure about Micheal Gove I think he runs on euphoria and that leads to miss judgement . Agree about what you say none of the partys won and the tories need to stop thinking they did . If Nick Clegg wanted to he could sit back and become a swing voter between Lab and Cons which now gives him a huge amount of power this is why Lab and Con trying to buddy up to him . By by to two party rule .If I met Clegg in a pub I would buy him a beer or two .

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