Posted by: John | May 8, 2010

Nick should just say `It’s PR otherwise I’ve gone fishing`

This is really the only game in town. Without PR we will be constantly in a situation of having a system that creates a PR situation without having PR.

If Cameron doesn’t like it: Tough. No pledges, promises. Action with legislation.

And while we’re at it Nick can tell Gordon the same – oh, and Gordon, can you step down and find someone else we trust (Tony Wright?) to stick together the working majority from Plaid/SNP etc.

This is actually also an OPPORTUNITY.

For PR – For mending our  broken democracy and devolving power to the lowest elected level (the people in each council can decide whether or not to devolve further).

Forget Toynbee, Steve Richards – Murdoch/Dacre all have clegg on their faces – the only thing to demand is PR PR PR.

This is also an opportunity to call the Tories out on their uncosted impractical manifesto commitments. You want a cap on immigration? Go for it. We’ll stand back and watch. You want to create `free schools`. Go for it. We’ll stand back and watch. You want to reward the super-rich at the expense of low earners – we will campaign against these things.


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