Posted by: John | April 24, 2010

Toynbee/Murdoch – what’s the REAL difference

How I’m SICK SICK SICK of Polly Toynbee and her cowardly articles urging everyone to vote Labour (but utilise an item from the peg basket)

GET REAL Polly – you’re nothing special – in fact you’re PART OF THE PROBLEM PART OF THE ESTABLISHMENT.

What gives you the right to be a top paid journo/correspondent/commentator of the great firmament? Let’s face it if you actually `came out` for the Liberal Democrats you’d probably lose your lucrative jobs and face what others have to suffer – a toppling from the establishment tree.

Polly Toynbee is in fact another reason TO VOTE LIBERAL DEMOCRAT.

The really brave people are those that are going out knocking on doors, delivering leaflets, doing thankless untold UNPAID work that Polly wouldn’t demean herself to do. In fact they’ve done this for years – through thick and thin –  fought for what they’ve FULLY believed in sometimes for decades.

OK Polly – you believe in Labour. Go out and fight for it on the doorsteps, knocking on doors, shoving leaflets through letterboxes, become a Councillor and do the rough and tumble work of activism.

The truth is that Polly is just part of the OLD GUARD – like a fully protected tricoteur watching the gallows slowly come down while the pay cheques come in and hoping and praying for a Labour victory to keep her in lazy money.

Polly,  you talk about helping those that are the disenfranchised and poorest in society. You haven’t a clue. I work for people who are Lib Dem Cllrs in these sorts of areas in an effective Lib Dem Council which tries, with hands tied behind its back, to help serve them.

And Polly has the audacity, the gall, to tell them to VOTE LABOUR TO KEEP OUT THE BOGEYMAN.

Polly, the world is moving away from you: MURDOCH/TOYNBEE – what’s the difference?



  1. Well said.Never thought I ‘d see the day that a Guardian piece basically said ‘your vote is worthless’,yet they bemoan people not voting- disgusting.I’ll vote for who I like.I don’t get how Labour voters want more;they’ve had 13 years of chances,it’s time for someone else;F OFF.

    Can’t wait to put my X next to the LibDems on may 6
    Former Labour supporter

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