Posted by: John | April 24, 2010

Some people have too much imagination

The `extremists` always seem to find some conspiracy theory to twist their own agendas probably to themselves.

So it’s the Lab/Con/LD who are the real extremists because of `the extraordinary amount of Ministers and Shadow Ministers who could be described as being of Eastern European (Marxist) extraction.` I know of the Milibands, Mandelson but not sure whom else he’s referring to.

So  you see the NF is a `moderate centre party, neither right nor left`!


I see Mr NF you’d have nothing against a Gay Liberal Democrat who happens to have a Jewishy name and probably along the line some Eastern European extraction.



  1. Eastern European Marxists, eh? Well, I suppose it makes a change from “international bankers”, which incidentally could also double up as cockney rhyming slang for the NF.

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