Posted by: John | April 24, 2010

Labour’s Prescot problem

The problem for Labour is that they just seem quite old-fashioned. There’s a sense that people want a change from the control and command political economy.

It speaks volumes that Gordon has decided to meet real voters at last. Well, it is all of 12 days before an election – so might as well make a start!

The real problem for Labour is about the Economy.

1. Labour said they’d conquered boom and bust

2. When the bust happened `it was all global`

3. They created a structural deficit (ie British NOT GLOBAL)

4. They seem to be on autopilot saying the things they want to do without spelling out how they will do them. It’s like serving up an order of steak and chips and leaving out the steak. People just ask `where’s the meat?`

I sense people are frustrated that there are no hard answers – just `they will cut and we will spend` – a discourse that seems infantile let alone old hat.

John Prescot was on Today prog this morning saying how Labour needs to bang on about all the things that Labour have done – it reminds me of a dictatorship – just rant on at people and give fear of the bogey-man and people will be bullied into submission.

Prescot just sounds like one of `yesterday’s people`.

You get it on the ground here in Stockport where they seem to have become the nasty party. Don’t bother doing any local work – just corral the masses and bully them into voting for you. Got a message for Labour – it ain’t working.


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