Posted by: John | April 21, 2010

Now for the mother of all battles

I’ve often wondered how other parties, and their supporters in the twin super-structures, would react should we be up there in the running.

Look no further to the smears and hyperbole of tomorrow’s papers. It’s going to be hugely tough to go through the next fortnight but we must do it by:

1. Supporting each other

2. Sticking to our guns. It’s all single-mindedly sticking to our guns about that tax reduction for those most in need, tackling class sizes, getting our economy moving and mending our broken democracy.

3. Remember there is no alternative. Labour is old hat and broken – they’ve done some good things but have no vision and cannot answer the killer economic questions about the past 13 years. Oh, and don’t mention the war! The Tories have a sense of entitlement and their simple narrative is in shreds.

So get out there and deliver more leaflets, knock on more doors, don’t look back. `We’re here, we’re tough, and we won’t let you down`.


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