Posted by: John | April 16, 2010

Labour people I can’t stand

1. Emily Thornberry MP – you can almost hear the acid in her mouth as she spits out the words `Lib Dems` – oh, and there’s this.

2. Lucy Powell – Labour PPC for Manchester Withington – anyone who allows her agent to produce literature like this IN A LIB DEM constituency has clearly lost all sense of integrity and treats her potential constituents with complete disdain. From what I’ve heard `from a distance` they ain’t buying.

3. Eddie Izzard – one of Lucy Powell’s most illustrious backers I do think that these people are making big career mistakes in supporting Labour and just parroting on the ultra-defensive and tired narrative. OK he’s got money – it just puts the `little peoples` backs up. Oh, and his pop economics just comes across as manipulatively vacuous.

4. Yvette Cooper – someone (who doesn’t seem, as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, to have the faintest idea about economics) whose pronouncements during the recession `we’re going through very difficult times and we’re trying to do everything to support people` becoming iconic late noughties time pieces for the historians.

5. Hazel Blears – ah, dear Hazel – the chipmunk that squirreled away too many nuts. Is there a worse new Labour machine mouthpiece than Hazel who flipped a home – like so many of her Salford constituents can do – NOT!

Well, there’s 5 for now – I’m sure another 50 can be found.



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