Posted by: John | April 13, 2010

Tories: It’s ideology gone mad

According to William Hague on Today prog:

If you don’t have a good state school within a reasonable distance of  your home you can `set up one yourself`.

Yeh, right that’s easy. All you’ve got to do after working 40 hrs a week, commuting, feeding and clothing your children in a decent home, holding down a relationship (if you have one) and keeping the house clean (oh and is relaxing allowed?) is `set up your own school`.

Of course there’s no mention of the local Council getting involved – gosh, we don’t want those Lib Dem/Labour/Independent or even Conservative Cllrs sticking their nose in. Better to stick with the Labservative idea of sidelining local government and letting it wither on the vine.

So we come to the nub of it:

1. Lack of trust in local government

2. If you don’t like something reinvent the wheel

3. Make things more complicated by not tackling the problems in the specific school

Let’s face it, the only people wanting to set up schools are either desperate parents whose first choice would be a good state school or those with the agenda-focussed drive to set one up. In the former case they just want a change in the standards and the latter they would probably set up the school anyway.

Questions that need to be answered:

1. Why not just invest in improving the failing schools?

2. Who benefits from Tory policies?

3. What happens if the new school fails?

4. There are already ways of improving schools ie governors etc – why reinvent the wheel?

Personally, I have no problem in parents and others getting MORE involved in their childrens schools – do they really want to RUN them?


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