Posted by: John | April 12, 2010

Reply about complaint about Today prog

Please see the original post.

I have now had a reply:

Thanks for contacting the BBC regarding our election coverage and the story
of Lord Adonis and so-called ‘tactical voting’.

In our overall Editorial guidelines relating to election coverage we don’t
make a distinction between what you describe as a ‘process’ rather than a
policy issue.

Given the general state of the Opinion Polls and political commentary about
the forthcoming election the issue of potentially hung parliament has been
widely discussed from all angles and it could be argued is this issue (Hung
Parliament as at outcome) is one of the overarching themes of the 2010
Election given the state of the current parties and indications from the
Opinion Polls.

Overall our log of coverage thus far shows that the Liberal Democrats are
gaining as much coverage as their position merits and the issue of tactical
voting will affect each of the Parties in equal terms so we would not agree
that our coverage of the widely reported comments by Andrew Adonis
represent any unfair or biased treatment of the Lib Democrats.

I Hope this helps explain our editorial judgement.

It’s another anomaly – the BBC should be monitoring not just TIME or exposure but the quality of that exposure compared to other parties.

Compared to this time in 2005 I’m not screaming at the radio so much – however, there is still some work to do:

1. Time isn’t everything – it’s the quality of that time that counts

2. What about audience share? Two hours on Hardtalk probably equates to 5 minutes on Today prog 8:10 slot.

3. What about news placing? – why is it always either Labour or Tories that are on first – the news items should be rotated.

4. There’s still that coveted 8:10 spot. It should be equally shared.


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