Posted by: John | April 10, 2010

Labour must think we’re stupid

Years ago when I was an activist in Southwark,working in a small two-member ward, our candidates complained bitterly about the fact that scaffolding around a 30s block of flats had been left up for months causing break-ins and petty crime.

I was walking by these flats a couple of weeks before that election, about to deliver some leaflets ,when I saw the leader of the Council and one of the Labour candidates chatting about `getting rid of the scaffolding`.

Of course, within a few days the scaffolding was down – just in time for the election. We put out a leaflet saying `they must think you’re stupid`. The end result was that Labour’s tactics backfired and we won the seat by 79 votes.

I see echoes of this same story in Liverpool. Our candidate, Colin Eldridge, has been working hard for years in Liverpool Wavertree against our the hapless Labour candidate, Luciana Berger, from NW London.

In this article the writercompares the Berger candidature with that of Stephen Twigg who has worked the Liverpool Walton constituency for Labour for 18 months. To coin a phrase `Stephen Twigg is proof that candidates do not have to be from the constituency, but he’s also good evidence that they need to be of it`. The writer makes the further comparison that Colin Eldridge contested the seat in 2005 slashing Labour’s majority and is still around.

What a difference a few months make.

Has the same happen at the national level today?

First, I give you this Clegg v Brown show

Now I give you this little nugget

So, what’s changed. Ah, there’s an election in the offing?

Or to put it another way `they must think we’re stupid`.

Or to put it another way `they must think we’re stupid!`


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