Posted by: John | April 9, 2010

Complaint about Today prog

Labour are up to their old tricks again. `Vote for us in marginal seats against the Tories`. Of course, they figure that people aren’t always aware of their local circumstances so they’d be able to sneak the odd vote in Islington South & Finsbury or perhaps somewhere under the radar.

Thus I have put forward the complaint and helpful suggestions:

During an election it’s important not only to give equal exposure to the three national parties – it’s also important to make sure the quality of that exposure is looked at.

On Today the Labour peer Lord Adonis had an item about `Lib Dems tactically voting Labour in marginal seats`. This is an item on process and not on policy. Are the Lib Dems going to be afforded equal access as a way of balance?

For instance, Bridget Fox PPC for Islington South & Finsbury could do an interview on Digital Economy bill (Emily Thornberry, her adversary, has had a lot of exposure in the past years on `Week in Westminster`) or perhaps Sarah Teather on Housing or Ed Fordham (PPC Hampstead & Kilburn) on the growing Lib Dem votes in North London.

It’s important that when there’s an item on PROCESS (and not policy) that could potentially impact on the Lib Dems through the current electoral system there should be a balancing item from the Lib Dems say from a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in a highly contested seat against the party that made the original claim (in this case Labour).


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