Posted by: John | March 29, 2010

Will the Conservatives open the books if elected

This was Philip Hammond’s excuse on the `Daily Politics` today regarding the funding of Labour’s NI increase reversal. When forensically questioned about this he replied `we can’t be totally sure because we haven’t looked at the books yet` – `The Government hasn’t opened them up to us` but experts say…..

Now, If I were in the opposition I’d be making this a huge issue. How DARE the Government keep these things secret? How dare they hide these things to give them electoral advantage?

Yet there is none of that reforming passion and anger from the Conservatives. It’s one of the first questions I would have asked.

The other question is here `Would the Conservatives in Government go for real change and open the books just like governing administrations do in local Councils`?

If not, why not?


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