Posted by: John | March 29, 2010

Historic night for the Liberal Democrats

Just checking the Conservative Home site’s article on the Chancellors debate – seems that a lot of people are talking about Vince Cable. Let’s be clear if they didn’ t think him a threat they wouldn’t mention him.

Let’s remember another thing – tonight was a historic night for the Liberal Democrats:

a) We took part with the other two parties in a debate on Economics

b) Our man came out fighting and stronger than the other two representatives

c) This is the start of parity of airtime and provides a precedent – once it’s established it’ll be harder for the media to ignore us

Let me repeat this – we took part in a televised debate on ECONOMICS in which our guy was expected to win and did win.

Cast your mind back two years – would you have expected the Party to have travelled such a distance? No, neither did I. If we can get this far in two years what can we do in another two, ten, twenty?

Cast off the psychological caution – we’ve done the intellectual hard graft, we’ve campaigned and won many Councils – we DESERVE and CAN win!



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