Posted by: John | March 27, 2010

`Look that way!`

My ex-partner’s 4 year old nephew (many moons ago) was in the back of a hire car kicking the front seat. When I turned round to see what he was doing he said `look that way!` ie ignore what I’m doing, I know it’s wrong. Don’t ask me questions i’ll show you how you should think.`

This is very similar to the Labour’s modus operandi.

When there was a so called `boom` and people questioned whether it was sustainable Labour said `Look this way!` (It’s all to do with us)

When the boom turned to bust and people asked who was the culprit they said `Look that way!` (to the global economy)

Now that there’s a massive black hole in the nations finances (structurally caused by Labour) they’re going on about the 5 pledges and the spending priorities they’re saying `Look this way!`  (look into my eyes! you will forget about cuts and think about our priorities. Cuts don’t exist)

When people ask about how these priorities tie in with any cuts they say `Look that way!` (Take a long hard look at the Conservatives – they’re the evil ones)

Labour are treating voters like children – hopefully voters will be adult enough to ask the right questions and not fall for the same trick twice.


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