Posted by: John | March 20, 2010

What’s going on with BBC online?

I note the hat tip from LibCync and I have sent a complaint myself to the BBC.

It was the Lib Dems’ Vince Cable who first thought of the policy and is indeed ALREADY Lib Dem policy. Why was no mention made of this in the article?

I recently made another similar complaint about an article by Stephanie Flanders. What is happening with BBC online?

So, this is the second complaint I’ve had to make about top BBC economics journalists. What are they playing at so near to an election? While R4 news did mention the fact that the Lib Dems had an existing policy it seems some journalists can get away with anything.

We are no longer in a time when the Lib Dems bow and scrape and are most `humbly gratefulr` about a scrap of airtime that’s left under the table.

We have self-belief enough to DEMAND the equal airtime. We’ve done the hard graft on the issues (unlike the Tory johnny come lately`s) and DESERVE recognition.

Why is it the fault of Liberal Democrats that others are so slow?



  1. The article has now been updated with a suitable Vince quote.

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