Posted by: John | March 18, 2010

Labour’s football team mentality

Just had a mosey at the Burnley Labour website – seems they think that one of the overriding factors is what football team their candidate supports.

Could it be they think their appeal is so down to its core this is all they have to say?

They also seem to be getting desperate (and this is NOT on their website) they seem to be throwing mud from 8 years ago.

This won’t work – I think people would prefer someone who at least chanced his arm in the manufacturing world and now leads a succesful Council and helped kick out the BNP (remember some years ago it was thought that they could gain the Council) – rather than another Labour person whose party has closed Burnley A&E and now planning to transfer childrens` overnight services to the same hospital. And we all know about the effectiveness of Kitty Ussher! (Labour MP for Burnley and stepping down).

So when it comes to what team people in Burnley will support I think this website provides a bright contrast to the dirge of the Burnley Labour one.


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